The Story of the Donkey and the Unicorn

One day the Donkey and Unicorn were sitting around with nothing to do. The Unicorn said, “Hey, I want to try beading”. So her father packed up the family and took them to the store where she found supplies. They were bright, fun, sparkly and silly beads of all sorts. Upon arrival home her father gave her, what else, a tackle box to store her new supplies. That evening the Unicorn and her father sat together as he taught the youngster the art of beading. He patiently tied knots and shared the art of pattern making. Time passed, soon it was summer. The Donkey and the Unicorn were once again sitting about thinking of what to do. The Donkey said, “hey why don’t you show me how to bead?” The Unicorn thought it was a brilliant idea. So they sat and this time the Unicorn taught the Donkey all she had learned. They beaded and beaded and beaded. Soon they were overrun with necklaces and bracelets. They were all quite lovely, but they didn’t know what to do with it all. The Donkey said to the Unicorn, “I know, why don’t you sell them at our rummage sale?” The Unicorn thought this was a brilliant plan. She drew up a colorful poster highlighting their choices and set their wares out on a table. It wasn’t long before she had nearly sold out. Her friends had asked for more too. So the Donkey and the Unicorn got back to creating. Pretty soon people started suggesting that the duo make their wares available for sale to more people. They didn’t know where to go but knew they didn’t want to stop this new hobby. Then the light bulb lit and the Donkey and the Unicorn took to the internet. So opened the Donkey and the Unicorn Subculture Kandi Shop, online.